Downloading/Uploading a Project

Before you can access the controller, you must establish PC-PLC communications.

After establishing communications:

  1. Click the PLC tab on the program ribbon, click Download or Upload, and then select the desired option.

Download Options

Full Download

Compares the project in the PC to the project in the controller; downloads only the differences, including Media folders

Logic only

Downloads the project without Media folders

Media only

Downloads only the contents of the Media folders

Full download with Upload

Select this option if you want to enable project upload.

Logic only with Upload

Select this option if you want to enable project upload.

Download all

This downloads the complete project, overwriting the entire project in the PLC. Note that it does not include the ability to upload the project.

Export Project to a USB Storage Device

Select this to export the complete project to a USB storage device such as a DOK connected to your PC.

To download the project from DOK, insert the DOK into a UniStream USB port,  and then, in UniApps, select System>User App Upgrade>Import Application.

Note that the model and OS of the UniStream units must be identical.

The network Discovery utility will begin to search for UniStream devices; click the method USB or Ethernet, and then click the desired device to begin download.

Download via USB

Download select PLC

Download via Ethernet

Ethernet, or IP Favorites, is a global file that is available in all of your UniLogic projects.


  • To access the controller's Ethernet settings,open UniApps and check under Network> Ethernet.

  • To download Logic-only via the last used PC-PLC Communication method, you can use the keystroke Ctrl + D.


PLC Restart after Download

When you edit an existing program and download it to the same controller, the controller may require restart. The PLC will require restart if:

Note that after a firmware update, the controller may need to be turned off and on (powering-off and powering-on).

Signature Log

You can view the Signature log containing the history of your project by selecting the Tools> Signature icon on the UniLogic ribbon.

Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to install the USB drivers manually in order to establish UniStream - PC communications.
Note that you can simply choose to connect to UniStream via Ethernet for application download, Online Test mode, etc, thereby skipping the need to install USB drivers.

Under Windows 7, the USB driver installs automatically without issues.


Windows XP

Windows 8/10


If the drivers are installed, but you are still unable to establish UniStream - PC communications via USB, check if your PC is running programs that control the function of your PC USB port.
If this is the case, you may need to suspend the program or un-install it.

If the procedures above do not work, please contact Support.



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