Programmable Logic Controller + Built-in HMI

Complete Range of PLCs

Outstanding Support

Powerful Software

PLC+HMI All-in-One

PLC+HMI All-in-One
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A range of product lines to match your exact requirements

Complete range of PLCs

A range of products to match your exact requirements

Single, intuitive, feature-rich programming environment & utilities suite

Powerful software

Single, intuitive, feature-rich programming environment & utilities suite

Expert support without fees or tiers

Outstanding support

Expert support without fees or tiers

Complete Range of PLCs

Unistream series- programmable logic controller (PLC+HMI)

UniStream® series

For High-End Machines & Automation Projects

vision series- programmable logic controller (PLC+HMI)

Vision™ series

For Advanced Machines & Automation Projects

Samba series- programmable logic controller (PLC+HMI)

Samba™ series

For Small Machines

M91 series- programmable logic controller (PLC+HMI)

Jazz® & M91™ series

For Simple Machines

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