Servo- Motion



Motion: No Experience Needed. Complete Control from a Single Supplier

The Hardware: 
Drives, Motors, Cables (standard and robotics) – all seamlessly supported by Unitronics’ PLCs, HMIs, & VFDs

The Software:
One integrated software for your complete motion application: PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD, and I/O

Servo made Simple: we do the work for you! Benefit from:

  • Ready-Made Motion code with every purchase:
  • No Motion programming needed: simply download and tap a panel – even mobile – to:
    – Set motion parameters
    – Monitor Axis behavior and I/Os
    – Execute movements, such as Point-to-Point, Jog, and Homing
  • Communications: Automatic setup, absolutely seamless
  • Minimizes Error: UniLogic software analyzes mechanical properties and recommends safe values for your application
  • Diagnostics: View servo run-time performance via UniLogic’s built-in powerful, high-speed scope
  • Tune your system: Using only one single parameter

Complete Control Solution - with Servo made Simple

  • Drives: 1 and 3-phase, robotic cables available
  • Wide servo power range – 50W to 5,000W (0.06-6.7 HP)
  • Motors: to suit any machine size; robust, built-in high-resolution serial encoders
    (absolute: 23-bit , incremental: 20-bit), IP65
  • CANopen built-in (EtherCAT: available soon)
  • Servo drives and Motors: simple setup
  • Ready-made code: implement Motion in 2 clicks
  • Motion Control programming: drag & drop PLCopen-compliant function blocks
  • Control up to 8 Axes
  • One-parameter tuning
  • Built–in Scope & Diagnostic tools

UniLogic® Makes Motion Control Simple

Eliminate the complicated operations associated with Motion Control!

Powerful, award-winning software that enables you to do it all in one project!

  • Configure all hardware: PLC, HMI, Servo drives, motors, actuators
  • Build PLC, HMI, and Motion applications
  • Set up and implement all communications—including Industry 4.0

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Product Offering

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Motor Specification

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Servo Drive Dimensions

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Servo Drive DimensionsDownload

Drive Specification

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Products Designation

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UMM-B2 & UMM-B3: Motor Dimensions

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UMM-B2 & UMM-B3: Motor DimensionsDownload

UMM-B4: Motor Dimensions

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UMM-B4: Motor DimensionsDownload

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User Manual

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2D Drawings

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UMM-B2 & UMM-B3: Motor DimensionsDownload
UMM-B4: Motor DimensionsDownload

3D Drawings

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Servo - 3DDownload
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