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I’ve not yet encountered a job
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About us

Unitronics designs, manufactures, and markets a complete range of Programmable controllers + HMI All-in-One and VFDs for the global market.

Easy to use, efficient, and affordable, our products have been automating processes, systems, and stand-alone applications since 1989.

We maintain more than 160 distributors in over 55 countries around the globe, enabling our customers to purchase our products with local marketing support.

Unitronics’ field-proven products automate hundreds of thousands of installations in diverse fields: petrochemical, automotive, food processing, plastic & textile, energy & environment, water & waste water management – anywhere automated processes are required.

Our programmable controllers have been honored by Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Product Line Strategy Leadership Award.

The prestigious award was given after Frost & Sullivan conducted an in-depth review of Unitronics products in relation to the dynamic, competitive market that challenges PLC manufacturers.

Unitronics Benefits:

  • Eliminate Wiring: All-in-One PLC+ HMI+ I/O = no wiring between PLC -HMI, I/Os.
  • Rich Features: Auto-tuned PID, datalogging, Recipes, HMI Trends & Gauges, Alarms, multi-level passwords, multi-language support, Datacom via CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNetIP.
  • Industry 4: SNMP, FTP, e-mail, SMS, GPRS/GSM, Remote Access via VNC Client / built-in Webserver, SQL & MQTT
  • All-in-One software: configure hardware, communications, write Ladder, design HMI—save UniStream HMI screens as web pages.
  • Customer Care: All software, utilities, support—at no additional charge.


Frost & Sullivan

Best Practices Awards for 2016

Unitronics ‘Global Advanced PLC Product Line Strategy Leadership’

Unitronics award 2016- programmable controllers

Golden Mousetrap 

Category: Automation & Control – Controllers 2016

Winner: Vision 700

Control Engineering 

Category: Engineers’ Choice Award


2018- UniStream 10.4″ Multi- Touch

2017- Samba 7″

2016- UniStream 15.6″

2015- UniLogic Software

2015- Samba 3.5″

2014- Unistream

2013- Vision 570

2012- Vision 350

Unitronics programmable controllers-awards
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