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Holiday shopping at Unitronics’ expense!

Win $1,000 for online holiday shopping!

The winning number is:


Congratulations for Christoph Winkler, of Tunnel Service Group GmbH


Unitronics was happy to host many visitors in our booth at the SPS Exhibition in Nuremburg. We greeted old friends and made lots of new ones. Our staff learned from the visitors, and also had the pleasure of showing off with our latest and greatest products. To add to the fun, Unitronics sponsored a raffle–and Christoph Winkler, of Tunnel Service Group GmbH, won. Mr. Winkle will receive a $1000 Amazon gift certificate—and be able to do his Holiday Shopping at Unitronics expense! Happy Holidays to all from Unitronics!





Disclaimer: Participation is only for control engineers and employees of relevant companies: control system integration, machine manufacturers and PLC end users. The $1,000 will be given as an Amazon gift card. Winner will need to present this page, and provide a photo of himself with the award for Unitronics’ promotional activities. Award can be claimed by emailing: no later then Dec 15th 2016.

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